Big Cypress National Preserve

A few shots of Brittany Bower and I touring the Big Cypress National Preserve in the Jeep. It was quite the drive to get there but well worth the time.

To be able to drive in the Big Cypress, You need to have Pass to get in, the combination to the lock at the gate, and a vehicle inspection certificate stating your vehicle meets the minimum requirements. The inspection is pretty basic. Things like working headlights and tail lights, four wheel drive, and wide enough tires so you don’t get stuck and tear up the trails.

 at Big Cypress National  Preserve
Big Cypress National Preserve map

The area we toured was on the north side I-75 but is only accessible from Highway 41. It’s currently the only area open to four-wheel drive road vehicles which makes it quite a long drive on the access road which is a dirt road with lots of pot holes.

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