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I’m a firm believer in dry-fire training. It’s something I do on a regular basis while using my Laser Ammo’s Smokeless Range 2.0 Simulator which you can checkout here. But the purpose of this post is to talk about the SIRT laser pistol for… Continue Reading “SIRT LASER PISTOL FOR DRYFIRE TRAINING”

Pink Rhino – 9mm Laser Bullet – Dry Fire Trainer

A lot of people are becoming interested in dry-fire training these days. As more and more shooters learn the value of dry-fire or laser training, the more they share with friends or social media. I became interested in this type of training about a… Continue Reading “Pink Rhino – 9mm Laser Bullet – Dry Fire Trainer”

Laser Ammo Smokeless Range 2.0 Home Simulator

A lot can be said for training with live ammo at the range – there is no substitute. However, I can’t always get to the range, can’t find ammo, or just simply can’t afford 10 boxes of ammo every other week. For this reason,… Continue Reading “Laser Ammo Smokeless Range 2.0 Home Simulator”