Laser Ammo Smokeless Range 2.0 Home Simulator

A lot can be said for training with live ammo at the range – there is no substitute. However, I can’t always get to the range, can’t find ammo, or just simply can’t afford 10 boxes of ammo every other week. For this reason, I started looking for an alternative and finally settled on Laser Ammo’s Smokeless Range 2.0 Simulator.

Laser ammo smokeless range 2.0
Laser Ammo Smokeless Range Shooting Simulator

The smokeless range allows a shooter to practice drawing, shooting from different positions, stances and moving, speed and transitional drills, and moving targets. It helps to not anticipate recoil and helps with not pushing or pulling the barrel.

The Laser Ammos Smokeless Range comes with the camera and unlock code for the software. The shooter would need to supply the computer, projector and screen, or TV, and the laser. The laser can either be a (SIRT) Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger Training pistol or a laser bullet insert that is used with an actual firearm like the one I use here. I’ll do a review of the two different lasers, computer and projector in the near future. In the mean time, If you would like any information about them, just leave a comment.

Laser bullet insert for the laser ammo smokeless range

Setting up the range is rather easy. I use my laptop for the computer and place it next to the camera on a small portable table. Plug the camera in to the computer using the USB cord, and the computer in to the TV/projector using a HDMI cord. Fire up the software, enter the activation code, use the auto calibration feature and you’re ready to go.

SIRT laser training gun for the laser ammo smokeless range
My SIRT laser pistols

Originally I started out with a 55 inch TV in my office which worked “ok”. In order to use a TV, a plastic covering is needed for the camera to be able to pick up the laser shots such as the one here. As I said, it worked ok but was a bit fuzzy and made it so you couldn’t use the TV to watch TV without removing the covering. When I purchased the smokeless range, I had the intent to purchase a projector down the road which I have now done and it’s 10 times better. Using the projector, the targets are life size, clear and frees up the TV.

Laser ammo smokeless range 2.0
Smokeless Range Included Camera

The Laser Ammo Smokeless Range 2.0 is the basic package offered by Laser Ammo. There are several upgrades that can be added on at a later date including a video scenario trainer which is actual recorded video rather than computer generated graphics.

Shooting on the Laser Ammo Smokeless Range 2.0

I did have one issue that required me to contact support. The auto calibration was not able to calibrate and kept reporting the room was too bright. Turned out that the location I have the projector screen is above the French doors to our deck and light was coming in at the bottom of the screen. This was easily fixed by simply pulling the screen all the way down to the floor.

The range is actually a group of 10 ranges or drills:
Marksmanship drills include: Transitional Drills, Tracking Drills, Speed Drills, Moving Targets and Matching drills
Recreational training drills include: 
Dueling Tree, Trap Shooting, Target Shooting, Can Toss and Bomb Blast

Each of the 10 ranges or drills have several settings that the user can adjust making each drill completely customizable. Settings like: type of target, speed of moving objects, one or two simultaneous shooters, size of target, and many more. I have countless hours using the range and still seem to be able to come up with new options to make it challenging.

I would imagine one of the most important things people want to know is does it help. YES! My speed and accuracy have improved more than I ever expected. How do I know? The range records my shooting times and scores so I can compare then and now.

If you would like to learn more or purchase the range, you can do so here on Amazon.

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