Minelab x-terra pro treasure detector, worth its weight in gold.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid has been metal detecting. The excitement of not knowing what you’ll find next. My first metal detector was a Bounty Hunter III with the analog gauge, given to me by my father. For being such old technology by todays standards, it worked quite well.

Treasure hunting with the Minelab X-terra Pro Treasure Detector

It’s been some time since owning a metal detector and after first purchasing the DR-OTEK Lightweight Metal Detector and the SAKOBS 11” Professional Pinpoint Metal Detector and having a not so great experience with either, I settled on the Minelab X-terra Pro Treasure Detector.

Right out of the box, I could tell I stepped up to a much better quality metal detector than the DR-OTEK or the SAKOBS before I even turned it on. No need to install the batteries as they are built in rechargeables by the use of the supplied USB cable, and assembly was quick and painless as there are only a handful of pieces.

Minelab x-terra pro treasure detector
Treasure hunting with the Minelab X-terra Pro Treasure Detector

There is a quick start guide that gives the very basics, but you will need to go online to see the actual manual. I think this is becoming more popular with electronics, so you might be used to this already.

Once the metal detector is turned on, the operation is very simple. Just select your search mode and go. There are 6 different search modes available: 2 each for park, field, and beach, and the unit is fully waterproof and compatible with both fresh and salt water making it perfect for all surfaces. For those who are no stranger to metal detecting and have more experience, you can tailor your search modes to your taste and depth due to the adjustable frequencies of 5, 8, 10, and 15, as well as the option to block out certain metals.

Minelab x-terra pro treasure detector
The Minelab X-terra Pro Treasure Detector collapses down to 25 inches

The unit is only 2.9 lbs. and can collapse down to only 25 inches long to make it easy to take it with you anywhere. And with the wireless audio feature, you won’t disturb those around or have to be tethered to the metal detector the whole time.

In all, this is a great metal detector for both new and experienced enthusiast alike!

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