Pink Rhino – 9mm Laser Bullet – Dry Fire Trainer

A lot of people are becoming interested in dry-fire training these days. As more and more shooters learn the value of dry-fire or laser training, the more they share with friends or social media. I became interested in this type of training about a year or so ago and loved it. I wasn’t expecting the results that I achieved. I have two types of training aids that I use on my Laser Ammo Smokeless training simulator. The Pink Rhino 9mm laser bullet from Mantis and the SIRT 110 Glock laser training pistol. Today I’m going to be reviewing the laser bullet from Mantis.

Pink rhino laser bullet
Pink Rhino 9mm Laser Bullet for dry fire training

First off, I need to remind everyone, make sure prior to using the Laser bullet or dry-fire range, you double check to make sure your gun is unloaded!!

The laser bullet is a tiny laser device designed to be inserted into the breech end of the gun barrel. When the gun is fired, the firing pin strikes the rubber switch on the end of the casing briefly causing the the laser to flash one time. The shooting simulator then sees this flash and shows you were you hit on the target depending on the type of simulator you own.

Pink rhino laser bullet

If your gun is double action, you can continue to fire as many times as you like however, if you use a hammerless gun like the HK-VP9 or Glock 19, you will need to reset the firing pin after each pull of the trigger. I use this with a VP9 for one shot speed drills and and reloads and It works well.

My one shot speed time has increased by just over .5 seconds and my accuracy is dead on now. The best part is this is with the gun I carry every day. Keep in mind with this type of training aid, there is zero recoil, so it will not train you in any sort of drills where getting back on target after each shot is part of the goal, but it will help break habits like anticipating the shot and pushing or pulling the firearm to the left or right.

Pink rhino laser bullet

The one issue I have with the laser bullet is it doesn’t always load exactly perfect with the gun site on the first try. When this happens, I simply use the eraser end of a pencil to pop the bullet out (this is the proper way to remove the bullet when you are finished using it) and drop it back in a second time. This usually corrects the issue. I’m a stickler for accuracy, at least when training.

Helps with speed and accuracy
Helps save ammo and range fees
Helps correct bad habits
Allows for more time training
Fits all 9mm handguns

Trigger needs to be reset after each pull on hammerless firearms
Doesn’t always load in to the chamber perfect on the first try
No recoil

In the end, for around $40-50 its well worth the cost for how much better I’ve become with the firearm, from getting to the firearm faster, accuracy, safety, and the thousands I’ve saved on ammo and range fees. I’m just about to order the laser bullet for the .223/5.56 and will let you know how that turns out in an upcoming review. The Pink Rhino laser bullet can be found here on Amazon.

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