Propper Rapid Release Gun Belt – Heavy Duty

A safe and comfortable holster is most important for carrying a firearm but what is often overlooked, or not enough importance is placed on, is a heavy duty rigid belt made to support the weight of the gun. The Propper Rapid Release gun belt does just that.

Propper Rapid Release Gun Belt

The Propper Rapid Release gun belt is made of 100% double layered nylon and comes with the AustriAlpin COBRA Quick Release Buckle found here. The first thing I noticed about the nylon webbing, which comes in black or coyote, was how stiff it was. This is an import feature as it allows the belt to stay strait under the weight of the gun and not tilt away from the body causing the gun to stick out. The next feature was the adjustable Velcro webbing connected at the buckle. I especially liked this because it allows very precise size adjustments that I don’t get with belts that have holes, such as leather belts, plus the Velcro prevents the belt from loosening up while wearing it. The last main feature is the quick release action of the buckle making it easy to connect and release the belt itself.

Propper Rapid Release Gun Belt

The one problem I encounter with the Propper Rapid Release belt is that the Austriaplin buckle is slightly larger than the belt loops on my pants. This causes me to have to remove the adjustable side of the buckle to put the belt on and then re-install the buckle end. It’s not a big issue and its probably designed to do that but it’s just something I find annoying sometimes.

I have owned my belt for over two years now and wear it every day. It is as ridged as the day I bought it and shows very little wear. Even the location where my holster clips on isn’t showing wear. The Velcro is still in great shape and holding strong, but as with any Velcro, it needs to have the strings and lint it picks up removed from time to time. The very heavy duty stitching is still solid, no fraying or loose stitches at all.

Propper Rapid Release Gun Belt

This turned out to be the best gun belt I’ve ever owned. You can purchase the belt here on Amazon.

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