Scubapro Twin Jet split fins

Introducing the Twin Jet scuba diving fins from Scubapro. The Twin Jet scuba diving fins come in 4 different colors: black, yellow, gray and blue, and can be purchased in sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Additionally, the Twin Jets have the option of having an adjustable strap for when wearing boots or full foot when barefoot. Two buoyancy options come with the fins, although not all colors have the same buoyancy option. The black Twin Jets fins are negatively buoyant with slightly more ridged blades while the yellow, blue, and gray are slightly positively buoyant.

Black Scubapro twin jet dive fin

What does Scubapro say?

The patented design of the split fin, according to Scubapro, is “inspired by the dynamic propulsion of real-life marine creatures (these fins’ unique split-hydrofoil shape was inspired by the actual tail fin of a humpback whale).” Also, according to Scubapro, the design is supposed to reduce drag while providing greater propulsion with less effort.

Blue Scubapro twin jet dive fin

At first glance, you will notice the Scubapro fins are slightly wider than many other fins and seem to have wider foot pockets on the the adjustable strap model. This model also comes with quick connect swivel buckles on both ends of the strap.

Yellow Scubapro twin jet dive fin

My Experience

I purchased the black twin jet fins with the strap as I dive in Michigan in “cold water” and need the thermo protection that boots provide. I also purchased a blue set to be able to loan when we go snorkeling but I primarily dive with the black. The strap is made of very rugged and strong material and lasted more than 500 dives before breaking my first strap.

Donning the fins is very easy whether in the water, on land or on a boat. I leave the quick disconnects connected but set the straps very loose. Folding the strap under the foot compartment, I slide my foot in, fold the straps up and tighten. For doffing, simply release either disconnect and slide your foot out. One thing to remember is that the black fins will sink if you let go, so make sure you hold on to them at all times while in the water. The blue, gray and yellow will float, however very slowly if you are at depth, and will remain afloat at the surface.

Once in the water, one of thirst things I felt was the smoothness of the kick and the ease of movement. The fins did not try to sway, nor did they try to bend my foot back unnaturally. I’m prone to cramps in my calves if I’ve been away from the water too long, but don’t get as many cramps, if any, with these fins.

I’ve used these fins a tremendous amount of times in a chlorinated environment and have not noticed any ill effects caused by the chemical. I do, however, wash all of my gear each day I use it.

The Diagnosis

Pros: 4 colors, 3 colors float, very durable construction, smooth kick cycle, good propulsion, minimal effort, easy donning and doffing

Cons: Solid color – each fin has just one color pattern, black fins negatively buoyant, replacement straps are a bit pricey at $27.00 each. Order Replacement Straps on Amazon here.

Sum it all up

The Scubapro Twin Jet split fins are one of the best fins, if not the best fin, I’ve used in my 20 years of diving in both cold and tropical water (I now live in Florida). As mentioned above, the black fins, which is what I have, will sink if they get away at the surface, but do so very slowly so I wouldn’t shy away for that reason.

Would I recommend or buy again?

When, or maybe I should say, if, the Scubapro Twin Jet split fins ever wear out, I would definitely purchase them again, as well as recommend these to anyone looking for a quality pair of fins

If you feel these fin are something you are interested in, check them out here.

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